Deshedding Glove for Pets


Deshedding Gloves

Keeping your pet well-groomed and regularly brushed is important for both coat and skin health. Our Deshedding Glove for Pets not only helps to collect and remove dead hair, but it also glides effortlessly through even the thickest wet fur and picks up so much loose hair. 

Our Deshedding Glove for Pets has ridges on the palm, so you can just easily comb through your pet’s coats. It has silicone tips as they feel a soft touch in their skin. It’s such a natural feeling to stroke your pet, and a good fitting grooming glove makes the same motion a grooming experience.  Get yours now!


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Gentle enough to touch your pets
  • Efficient hair remover

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