Foot Washer Cup



Keep your pet healthy and clean by using our Foot Washer Cup. Cleaning your pup’s paws with our Foot Washer Cup won't only help keep your home cleaner, it will also keep your pet’s feet healthier too. This is very important, as dirty paws make your dog susceptible to things like yeast infections. It is useful to remove mud, dirt, silt, and sand from your pet's paws and lower legs after walks and outside play or activity. 

Convenient and easy to use, you simply add water to the cup, insert your pet's paw, spin the bristles, wash away the dirt and gently remove the foot and dry it. Its soft silicone bristle is gentle to your dog’s feet. Keep your pet looking good and healthy. Get yours now!


  • High quality and Easy to wash
  • Eco-friendly silicone materials
  • Good elasticity and toughness
  • Non-toxic